Our Story

Not everyone gets the blessing of turning their passion into a business. That's why I always believe that my tea journey is truly blessed. The story of Brewd Tea started as a means to share my passion with all of you “tea folks” and, yes we’ve got a whole new collection ready for brewing! 

Brewd Tea is a women-owned organic loose leaf tea brand, and our love for tea and botanicals were inspired by the amazing health benefits that I witnessed along my tea journey.  It is so amazing how each tea or botanical have their own way of expressing their flavors and healing personalities. These could influence us in diverse ways and could help us a lot to live a healthier life. Yes, I know you may not have much time or insights to go into learning all about tea; and that’s the very reason we created Brewd Tea!

At Brewd Tea we have gone into an exclusive and gourmet organic loose tea collection, and we source our ingredients from all over the world. Premium, Quality & Organic, are our core expectations when it comes to sourcing and delivering our products. All of our blends are either crafted in-house or sourced directly from tea masters; each ingredient that goes in serves a purpose. Apart from being incredibly delicious, each tea comes with bundles of health benefits, and you will get to know all these in our products section. 

Yes, we may look small, and we truly are. But we dream of making a huge impact during our journey by sharing these wondrous secrets of nature with the world. Thus we plan to extend our collection bigger and bidder, and we promise it’s gonna be exciting! Stay tuned & we have some mouthwatering brews in the making!